Funding and Award Opportunities for Cancer Research

Award Name: NCI Transition Career Development Award to Promote Diversity (K22)
Funding Sponsor: National Institutes of Health (NIH)
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Award Amount:

Because the nature and scope of the proposed K22 award program will vary from application to application, it is anticipated that the size and duration of each award will also vary. Although the financial plans of the NCI provide support for this program, awards pursuant to this funding opportunity are contingent upon the availability of funds and the receipt of a sufficient number of meritorious applications. The award will provide 3 years of salary (up to $100,000 per annum plus fringe benefits) and up to $50,000 in direct costs per annum for research and development expenses. The Candidate must commit to 9 person months (75% effort ) on the K22 award,

Award Deadline:

February 12, June 12, October 12

Award Description:

The purpose of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Career Transition Award (K22) is to help ensure that a diverse pool of highly trained scientists are available in adequate numbers and in appropriate research areas to address the nation's biomedical, behavioral, and clinical research needs. The Diversity Training Branch (DTB), the Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD) (, and the Office of the Director (OD) (, invite applications from recipients of the NCI Mentored Career Development Award to Promote Diversity, or from advanced postdoctoral and/or newly independent research scientists representative of groups that are underrepresented in biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and/or social sciences. This award will provide "protected time" for recipients to develop and receive support for their initial cancer research program. In addition, this award can provide a two-year mentored experience in NCI intramural programs for interested individuals. The unique feature of this award is that the individuals may apply without a sponsoring institution while they are still in a mentored position.

Information And Eligibilty Criteria:

Also referred to as the Applicant or Candidate, individuals with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to carry out the proposed research and career development activities are invited to work with their mentor and sponsoring institution to develop an application for support. Individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, individuals with disabilities, and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds are always encouraged to apply for NIH support. Eligible candidates for an award must possess a research or health professional doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D., M.D., Dr.PH.) or its equivalent suitable for a productive research career and include recipients of the NCI Mentored Career Development Awards to Promote Diversity (i.e., K01, K08, K23) and/or are individuals from underrepresented groups in biomedical research.

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