Funding and Award Opportunities for Cancer Research

Award Name: Max Ritvo, Alan Slifka and Desiree Dato Fund for Fusion-Oncoprotein Cancers and Metastasis
Funding Sponsor: Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, Israel Cancer Research Fund, The Alan B. Slifka Foundation
Funding Sponsor Link:
Award Amount:

The total amount of the grant is $250,000: $125,000 directed to the USA and $125,000 to Israel.  

Award Deadline:

Internal LOI Deadline:  Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Agency LOI Deadline:  Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Award Description:

This is a grant to support collaborative science conducted by co-investigators in the USA and Israel. The awards should address one of the two following topics: 1. Cancers driven by fusion oncoproteins with Ewing sarcoma as the prototype; and 2. Role of either epigenetics or tumor microenvironment in the development of metastatic cancer.

Information And Eligibilty Criteria:

USA faculty with established collaboration with Israeli faculty.

More Info:

If you are interested in applying for this funding opportunity, please upload the following at for institutional review:

-       PI name from USA; PI name and institution from Israel

-       Background of both researchers

-       Key preliminary data, premise, and rigor of underlying research

-       Hypothesis and Specific Aims

-       Evidence for collaboration synergism

-       Novelty and potential translational impact

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Category: Limited Opportunity
Target Awardee: --- - All Faculty