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Funding and Award Opportunities for Cancer Research

Award Name: Innovative/Translational Cancer Research Award
Funding Sponsor: The Mary Kay Foundation
Funding Sponsor Link:
Award Amount:

$100,000 over 1-2 years

Award Deadline:

Internal UCCCC deadline: December 7, 2018 no later than 5pm CST.

Agency deadline: February 8, 2019 no later than 5pm CST.

Award Description:

The Mary Kay Foundation, a funding source for cancer research, is accepting applications for innovative grants for translational research in ovarian, uterine, breast, or cervical cancer.  Applications will be reviewed by the UCCCC Standing Review Committee.  One application will be selected and submitted to the Mary Kay Foundation.  

Information And Eligibilty Criteria:

Applicants must have a University PI eligible appointment.

More Info:

To apply for this limited opportunity, applicants should submit the following to Rita Spiroff: [email protected] by close of business on December 07, 2018. 

- An updated NIH biosketch; and- A brief  (1-2 page) description of the proposed research including aims, significance of the research goals, timeline of the project, and description of the proposal’s potential to impact the care of women with ovarian, uterine, breast or cervical cancer.

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Category: Limited Opportunity
Target Awardee: --- - Not specified