Funding and Award Opportunities for Cancer Research

Award Name: Gabrielle's Angel Foundation Medical Research Award
Funding Sponsor: Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research
Funding Sponsor Link:
Award Amount:

$75,000 per year for three years totaling $225,000.

Award Deadline:

LOI submission due to UCCCC on Monday, June 22, 2020. Please upload at:

If selected, grant application due to agency on Friday, August 21, 2020.


Award Description:

The Gabrielle's Angel Foundation funds research on the origins and treatment of blood cancers. The foundation has two limited opportunity grants available for junior faculty, one for conventional research, and the other for integrative research aimed to reduce patients' physical and emotional stress during or after therapy. 

Information And Eligibilty Criteria:
• Have an MD or PhD
• Hold a junior faculty position at a 501(c)(3) teaching research institution
• Hold the designation of Assistant Professor (Associate Professors may apply for *Integrative* projects only)
• Have institutional support in form of tenure track OR be an independent junior faculty member
• Have held their current position no longer than five years
• Clearly state that they have both independent research projects and independent resources
• Have preliminary results and/or publications from their independent laboratory
More Info:

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Category: Other Foundation
Target Awardee: --- - Junior faculty