Funding and Award Opportunities for Cancer Research

Award Name: CTSA KL2 Clinical and Translational Scholar Awards
Funding Sponsor: University of Chicago Institute for Translational Medicine
Funding Sponsor Link:
Award Amount:

The CTSA KL2 Clinical and Translational Scholar Award provides salary support (up to $75,000 plus fringe) for faculty-level clinical and translational scientists near the beginning of their investigative careers.

Award Deadline:

January, 13, 2019

Award Description:

The goal of the CTSA KL2 Scholar mechanism is to produce accomplished clinical/translational researchers capable of utilizing the tools of clinical and/or basic research to improve the understanding or treatment of human disease. Research topics can relate to any aspect of clinical and/or translational research, relevant to any patient population and disease group, and employing any suitable research approach, however, potential relevance to the understanding or treatment of human disease must be demonstrated.

Information And Eligibilty Criteria:
  • Applicants shall be relatively new investigators, at the faculty level of Assistant Professor or Instructor at the University of Chicago, committed to a career in clinical and/or translational research. Please note that Associate Professors may apply if they are newly entering the field of clinical and translational research.
  • Graduate students and post-doctoral trainees are not eligible for either award.
  • All candidates are expected to assemble a multidisciplinary mentoring committee of senior advisors/mentors and meet with their mentors regularly.
More Info:

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Category: University of Chicago Program
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